Double Sundae
Bulls Eye
Hot chocolate Double cake with vanilla ice creamtopped with red cherry.
Black Forest
Delightful combination of Cherry, whipped cream with two scoops of vanilla and soft chocolate sponge crushed biscuits topped with chocolate flakes, cherry and chocolate sauce.
Vanilla Coffee, Toffee ice cream topped with thick Coffee Toffee sauce garnished with roasted nuts and wafers.
Love in Tokyo
Vanilla and chip chocolate ice cream with hot chocolate fudge and roasted cashew nuts.
Fruitfully Yours
Mango and Pineapple ice cream with Kiwi and Orange sauces, fresh fruits, black currant cream, cherry and wafer
Fruit Passion
A combination of Fruit Cake, Cherry along with Mango and Strawberry ice cream finished with gems and strawberry wafer.
Fruit Punch
Seasonal fruits with Ice Cream, Cherry and Chocolate wafer
My Double Sundae
One scoop of premium flavour ice cream combined with vanilla, flavour served with nuts and two sauces of your choice
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