Single Sundae
Honey Bee
Butter Scotch Ice Cream topped with almonds, fresh cream, chocolate and Butter scotch, Wafers and cherry.
Roasted Nuts with chip chocolate ice cream topped with hot chocolate sauce.
Mango World
Chocolate tit bits and choco wafers , mango Ice cream with chocolate and mango sauce topped with wafers cream
Royal Jewels
Diced pineapple titbits, with Kaju Kishmish Ice cream, kivi sauce, garnished with roasted nuts, piece of white chocolate and black current
Just for you
Choco Chip ice cream with chocolate sponge topped with hot chocolate, Nuts, Cream, Cherry, White Chocolate and wafers
Delicious cake served with ice cream
Simple Dimple
Vanilla ice cream with coffee sauce topped with crunchy chip chocolate Biscuits and finished with cream and cherry
My Single Sundae
One scoop of premium ice cream served with nuts and sauce of your choice
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